Niger’s oral tradition lives on in evangelism training.

By March 15, 2006

Niger (MNN)–Evangelical Baptist Missionaries Steve and Julie Nunemaker will be teaching a vernacular version of their evangelism program in French/Gourma this month in Niger.

This training is more challenging than traditional Tri-M training because many of the national leaders are nearly illiterate.

And, although Islam is the principal religion, it is superficial to many. EBM works in Niger include bush evangelism, church planting, literature distribution, literacy programs, an elementary school, Bible translation, a radio ministry and an evening Bible school.

As a result of their longstanding commitment to the region and people, God is doing incredible things through the oral training of the 3 ‘M’ principles: mobility, module and ministry. This method of training takes systematic Bible training to Christian leaders where they live. It enables the students to remain in their own countries, and continue in their local church ministry with minimal interruption.

Pray that the students will be able to learn so they can teach others. Also pray for the Nunemakers as they travel to Niger and then continue on to Mali to teach at the Bible Insititute in Mali as well.

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