North Korea in the spotlight for human and religious rights abuses.

By April 27, 2006

North Korea (MNN)–North Korea tops our news today. In an unprecedented move, family and activists have called upon the international community to intervene to abort the execution of a named North Korean Christian, Mr Son Jong Nam.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide says this is the first time that an appeal has been issued to prevent the known execution of a named individual in North Korea from taking place. According to their information, Mr Son is accused of betraying his country and sharing information with South Koreans.

The hue and cry raised on his behalf is happening during the North Korea Freedom Week awareness campaign at the Capitol, partially sponsored by Open Doors.

The attention both incidents bring puts a spotlight glare on not only human rights and religious rights abuses for North Korea, it also draws attention to the link between China and the rogue state.

Presiding for the fourth year running over the Open Doors World Watch List 2006, the country is most known for its open persecution of Christians.

Open Doors’ Carl Moeller says that’s why it’s so important to encourage believers enduring a cruel regime. Aside from the physical relief supplies they send to help, “We’re also delivering training and Bibles and commentary Bibles to those pastors that are risking their lives everyday, by leading the church, leading the flock underground, in North Korea.”

Moeller says the battle won’t stop for them at this week’s end. “We have a three-year, 24-hour a day, seven-day a week prayer campaign on behalf of North Korea. We truly believe that prayer is a strategic weapon of offense against the spiritual forces of darkness that rule in North Korea. We are engaging the enemy on their turf through this type of strategic prayer.”

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