North Korea the focus of a rights awareness campaign.

By April 25, 2006

North Korea (MNN)–The Open Doors World Watch List 2006 ranks North Korea number one once again for Christian persecution.

In light of its track record of human rights abuses, Open Doors launched the North Korea Freedom Week prayer campaign, now in its second day.

It coincides with China’s visit to the U-S. Carl Moeller says China can put pressure on North Korea to reform. “The Christian in North Korea faces a desperate situation where, if they are to practice their faith, they have to do it in utter secrecy because if they’re discovered, not only they can be put into a labor camp, but up to three generations of their family can join them.”

Open Doors USA is partnering with North Korea Freedom Coalition (NKFC) members to focus on atrocities in North Korea. Moeller says their other purpose is to increase awareness of the conditions in that communist country and raise up prayers on behalf of those being abused and disenfranchised.

“North Korea is, in every definition of the word, a rogue state, and deserves the concerted prayer focus of the Christian community to stand for and with our brothers who suffer for faith in Christ there.”

Among activities centered in Washington, D.C., are:

What: The North Korea Genocide Exhibit is open to public until April 26; 10:00 am – 5:00 pm daily.
Where: First Korean Presbyterian Church of Maryland, 6410 Kenilworth Ave., Riverdale, Maryland 20737
Who: International Coalition to Save the North Korean Slaves

Wreath laying ceremony at the Korean War Memorial at 4 p.m.– April 27.

North Korea Freedom Day Capitol Hill rally 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.– April 28.

Prayer Vigil at the Chinese Embassy from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m.–April 28-29.

There are also prayer vigils planned April 28 from 7-9 p.m. in front of the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles (443 Shatto Place) and April 29 from 10 noon at the Chinese consulate in Houston (3417 Montrose Blvd).

The focus includes:
April 24–North Korean government and leader Kim Jong Il;
April 25–Prisoners;
April 26–Famine;
April 27–Religious persecution;
April 28–Refugees/Repatriation;
April 29–Underground railroad/activists;
April 30–Asylum.

More details are available at:

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