Oasis aids a medical clinic in Ghana.

By August 11, 2006

Ghana (MNN)–Oasis International’s Ambrose Brennan says their work with a medical clinic in Ghana has several purposes.

One: to provide a health facility in a region that doesn’t have one. Two: to unify existing like-minded groups… “We really wanted to also increase the community awareness and really make an appeal to some of the churches and other organizations in PramPram–if we can all do just a little bit together, we can see the health clinic continue to function and be built. Now they’re doing some plastering of the walls to the new addition.”

And three: ministry. Brennan calls it a ‘common sense approach’. “When people aren’t feeling well, they don’t want to be bothered with hearing the Gospel so often, but if they can see that people really have the love of God in their heart and we’re not just here to preach at them, I think that really opens up their heart.” They’re hoping to have a portion of the clinic ready for use by the end of the year.

Unity is a recurring theme among believers in Ghana. From education to social reform, the community is calling on the church at large to work together in tackling the social ills.

It’s a challenge for those involved in ministry, and one Oasis takes to heart. Among the classes they offer, are classes that teach not only vocation, but also Bible study.

Their teams believe their work through the Oasis International Training Center will bring more opportunity to the people of Prampram, greater prosperity to the country of Ghana, and a brighter future to all of Africa.

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