Oasis International Ministries

By February 22, 2006

Ghana (MNN) — God is doing some exciting things through Oasis International Ministries as they work in Ghana, West Africa. Their training center offers Bible courses, seminars and vocational training to build up leaders for the church.

Pastor Ambrose Brennan with Oasis spoke to us from Ghana about the impact of their work, We’re seeing some real exciting things happening. A lot are stemming from the leadership training we’re offering here at the center.”

There’s a great need in churches for leaders, and Oasis’ training is helping meet that need, says Brennan. But there’s also a need for other ministries within the church, and Oasis is helping train people in those other skills as well. “Especially in the church communities, I think a lot of the local pastors are seeing that some of the students here that have gotten some of the Bible training and leadership training, they’re able to use them more as far as evangelism and just helping in the local church.”

Oasis hopes to see the body of Christ built up in Ghana, and Brennan hopes to see that kind of long-term impact, “As far as long term, we really hope as we are able to train more students, that they will go back to their churches and begin to teach and really to help raise up not just one pastor or one evangelist but just to strengthen the local churches and develop ministry in the whole body of Christ.”

As lives are changed, churches strengthened and communities impacted, Brennan says prayer is key. “Pray for God’s direction because as a school we want to stay right in the heart of God and make sure we don’t veer to the left or the right. So we try to implement things but we’re always careful that we’re just really looking to the Lord for the right direction, and that we accomplish the plan and purpose that He has for us right here.”

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  • I m Rwandan i’m a christian ,how to pray for touching the heart of God in order to give you answer for a strong problem.because i’m in trouble i have a problem of one million RwF. I pray for long time but no answer please can you help me?

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