OC International launches “Vision 2007”

By May 5, 2004

International (MNN)–OC International wants to expand the number of missionary candidates in the field.

A survey they conducted showed that there were not enough missionaries to get the needed work done. They frequently find themsleves saying “no” to requests because there is not enough time and manpower.

OC International decided to do something about this and launched “Vision 2007” which will double the size of their missions force. Already this year they have had a number of new candidates come forward.

David Daum with OC International, says they also realize the impact nationals can have spreading the Gospel message among their own people. There is a desire for Christians to do the needed work but training needs to take place.

Daum says this is where western workers can help. They can provide the natives with a focus, resources and training.

There are a number of jobs that can be filled included internet technology. The needs are evident throughout the world. Those interested in getting involved or for more information, can contact them at: www.OCI.org or call 719-592-9292.

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