Old-fashioned ‘barn raising’ of sorts to take place in rural Honduras.

By August 16, 2006

Honduras (MNN)–In the ‘Wild West’ of rural Honduras, lies the town of Catacamas.

Worldwide Christian Schools’ Steve Geurink says they have a long-standing history there. They also have a project that is in serious need of repair. “The school, Luz y Verdad, it’s one of the very first work teams and first mission teams that Worldwide ever had, put that school up. Now, it’s starting to show the years of time that have passed since it was built, and some repairs are needed now.”

That’s putting it mildly. The adobe clay tiles in the roof have gone past their expected lifespan and they are crumbling, leaving holes in the roof where rain and sun stream through into the classrooms.

It is a big project, as the school is roughly 220 feet long and about 25 feet wide. The project will involve taking off the old roof, reinforcing and raising the roof line, and, finally, installing a new roof on the building.

Geurink says they’re on a fast track to meet the deadlines for getting the repairs made. They need one team for late December this year and one for early January 2007.

It’s also a great opportunity to minister to this community. “Each team member works on this facility. There’ll be interaction with the locals and Hondurans in the area and this school is well known in the community so that this will have a significant impact. There will be a lot of attention that’s drawn to this school and thus, it will allow them to expand their ministry in the community.”

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