Olympic outreach is in full swing

By February 15, 2006

Italy (MNN) — The 2006 Winter Olympics are well underway in Turin, Italy. Thousands of people from all over the world have gathered there to watch the top athletes in the world compete in skiing, skating, curling and more. Many who are gathering are searching for truth — truth that can only be found in Christ. That’s why evangelicals are reaching out with God’s Word.

Greater Europe Mission’s Freddie Harris says they have a team of eight, helping a local congregation reach out to the lost in Turin. Harris says they’re using music and the “More than Gold” Olympic outreach material. Harris says the local church is motivated. “They’ve produced several tracts that have the address of the church and the people in charge are really doing what they can to make contact with people.”

As this outreach continues, Harris says prayer is essential. “Turin is the second largest city for the occult in the world. I feel like we could get some spiritual attacks while we’re here because Satan is not happy that we’re here.”

Frank Apisa lived in the United States before heading back to his people at a missionary. He says the Turin church is praying for something specific. “We’re all praying for a revival here in Italy, a revival that would impact everyone here in Turin.”

According to Harris, serving in an Olympic venue is acting out what the Bible says. “The Bible says to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. There are almost 190 countries represented in the Olympics right now. And of course, spectators come from all over the world to see them. It’s like the world is coming to us and we’re preaching the Gospel to the world just being here in Turin.”

They held a Christian concert last night in Turin, but there’s no word yet on what kind of response they received. Pray for protection and for opportunities to share the Gospel.

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