One-million Bibles headed to China

By February 3, 2004

China (MNN) — More than one-million Bibles should be in the hands of believers in China soon. That’s because World Help has gone over its goal of raising enough money to send one-million Bibles to the suffering church there.

The President of World Help Vernon Brewer says, ” We’ve been working feverishly for the past few months to provide one-million Chinese Bibles for the underground church and persecuted believers in China. We just met our goal, and in fact we passed our goal of one-million Bibles for China.”

Brewer says the listeners of Mission Network News were instrumental in making it happen. “Thank you for your help and thank you to all your listeners of Mission Network News partnering with us,” says Brewer. He says,”It’s incredible to think that people are hearing about Jesus Christ for the first time because of what we’ve done. We appreciate the partnership so much.”

Believers in China will touch many lives with God’s word. Brewer says, “More than likely they will enthusiastically share this Good News door to door as they go to their homes and read it to their neighbors.”

While a million Bibles seems like a lot, it’s not when you think of the total number of believers in China. Some estimate there are 75 to 100-million believers. Brewer says, “They don’t know for sure because most of them are meeting secretly in house churches.”

This doesn’t end the need for Bibles. Brewer will be meeting in Asia with 29 other agencies to discuss how they can saturate China with God’s word between now and the 2008 Olympics.

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