One woman makes a difference for peace in Colombia.

By August 24, 2005

Colombia (MNN)–Word of Colombia’s demobilization program is drawing mixed reviews.

There are concerns that for all those soldiers that go legitimate, there will be many more locked in a power struggle with the government.

Against that backdrop, IN Network’s Rody Rodeheaver says one of their partners, whom we’ll call ‘Gloria,’ is helping street children in the heart of the country.

It’s dangerous work, as her mission is nestled deep in guerilla territory. “She takes them in and cares for them, feeds them and clothes them, and makes sure that they get an education, and most of all, she shares the love of Jesus with these boys and girls.”

“Instituto Salem” (Peace Institute) is the home for 25 “ninos de la calle” (street children). Rodeheaver says it’s so much more–it’s their future. “IN Network-Colombia is supporting over 25 of these children.”

With the war raging all around her compound, Rodeheaver says they’ve got no illusions as to whose protection she’s under. “Even the guerillas recognize that ‘here’s a lady who God has His hand on,’ and over the years they have honored that and they have left her alone.”

As for the future of their work, consideration is being given to partnering with a Drug Rehabilitation ministry in the region.

Impact. That’s what it’s about. One child, writing in a letter to his sponsor, says, “I play a lot with my friends and we talk a lot about the love of Jesus. He is in my heart and I love Him and He goes with me everywhere and I know He loves me.”

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