One woman’s dedication to demonstrating God’s love impacts a whole village.

By June 28, 2006

Jamaica (MNN) — It’s a story of one person who became passionate about making a difference in others’ lives, and who changed the world for poor families in Jamaica.

Twenty-five poor families in Jamaica now have homes of their own, thanks to the sacrifice and commitment of a Florida woman who doesn’t even own her own home.

Earlier this month, Food For the Poor dedicated Barbara’s Village, in honor of Barbara Gilbert, a single mom who committed to help fund the building of 25 housing units for the poorest of the poor in Jamaica.

A few years ago, when Barbara heard that families in Jamaica were living in cardboard shacks, and that a decent home could be built for only $2000 there, she decided that she would stretch her income to help provide houses. That’s where it all began, and since then, it has turned into a major project, with FFP establishing it as Barbara’s Village.

Gilbert works fulltime as a waitress and works two other jobs to help pay the bills. She rents her home, has kids in college, goes to college herself, and stretches paychecks to make ends meet and give toward FFP’s housing projects in Jamaica.

While speaking at Barbara’s Village for the dedication, Gilbert stated that she felt at home among the poor, because she herself is poor. She brought some to tears when she said that although she would never be able to afford a house of her own, she felt the need to continue building houses for the poorest of the poor in Jamaica.

It goes to show the impact of one person’s passion for making a difference, and Barbara Gilbert’s life demonstrates what it means to be a doer of the Word.

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