Online communities provide ministry opportunities.

By July 28, 2006

International (MNN) — Email, chatrooms, blogs, online communications…the Internet is a world of people seeking to be connected. The American Tract Society is targeting Internet users with their most recent evangelism tool.

David LeFlore with ATS says they’re doing that through a new printed tract relating to the online community called MySpace. There are somewhere around 96 million MySpace users, and ATS has also created their own MySpace webpage, in order to reach out to other users.

“We’re really trying to say that ‘You can use MySpace for something good.’ It’s not just getting on there and talking to friends and possibly putting information out that could hurt someone. But we’re putting information right there online that could actually impact somebody’s eternal life, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

As ATS seeks to produce relevant and current evangelism materials, LeFlore says connecting with Internet users is a great opportunity for outreach. “It’s a true ministry because there are so many people online that are hurting and lonely. You can imagine these kids that are sitting in their rooms with their laptops, and their only form of communication a lot of times is just what they do online. And we want them to know that there’s an ultimate friend out there; His name is Jesus, that will be with them not just online but all the time.”

The ATS team is also providing counseling, advice and contacting people via the Internet to direct them to learn more about Jesus through their own MySpace page and to other Christian websites.

If you’d like to visit the MySpace webpage run by the American Tract Society, go to

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