Open Doors works to encourage and equip Chinese house churches.

By August 1, 2006

China (MNN) — In China’s eastern Zhejiang province, more than twenty people were injured last week when police tried to break up a demonstration by several thousand Christians who were protesting the demolition of a church.

Chinese police officials stated that the church was illegal and did not have government approval.

Open Doors’ Jerry Dykstra reports that the degree of religious freedom varies by province, but they’ve seen a notable rise in persecution lately. “In the past few months there’s been just a tremendous increase of persecution against Christians in China in various provinces, and in fact, China Aid Association reports that last week, two house churches were raided and 80 Christians were arrested. And July 19, 60 house church members were arrested.”

Open Doors works mainly with house churches in the countryside. While house churches are the ones who face the most persecution, Dykstra says, “The Spirit is moving tremendously in China. The growth of Christianity is just tremendous. And sometimes it’s in spite of the persecution and sometimes it’s because of the persecution, but we know that the Lord is continuing to bless the Chinese Christians, so we pray that they will stand strong in their faith against imprisonment, against harassment and the closing down of house churches.”

Pray that God’s Word will continue to go out in China and God will continue to strengthen and build His church.

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