Operation Blessing is one of the first aid groups on the scene bringing food.

By August 10, 2005

Niger (MNN) — Niger’s President Mamadou Tanja is dismissing reports that his country is experiencing famine. But the facts are glaring.

2 1/2 million Nigeriens are currently at risk for starvation, and 800,000 of them are children under the age of five.

Operation Blessing is among the international contingent of aid organizations that are implementing an aggressive famine relief plan to help the starving people of Niger. OBI has funded the delivery of 100 truckloads (1164 tons) of cereal, beans and oil to 64 starving villages in the remote areas. The food will benefit around 68,000 people.

“As always, Operation Blessing is forging relief efforts into areas unreached by larger humanitarian agencies,” says OBI’s Bill Horan. The situation is urgent and that’s why they’re responding, “Well, what we’re doing is feeding folks. And that is certainly the most urgent matter, is to try to save people from starving to death.”

OBI’s humanitarian aid is a tool to support ministry outreach. It’s exciting, says Horan, as they’re working together with others to be most effective for the spread of the Gospel. “Operation Blessing is viewing this as a disaster relief situation. This is the same way we’d react to an earthquake or a fire or a tsunami. We’re trying to save lives, and our most useful way of doing that is to provide resources to faith-based organizations who already have infrastructure.”

Pray that people’s physical and spiritual hunger will be met through the compassionate care of Christians.

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