Opportunities for outreach in Arab-speaking countries.

By April 26, 2006

Middle East (MNN) — In many Muslim countries, it’s dangerous to even carry a Bible.

That’s why the World Bible Translation Center’s Gary Bishop says they’re excited to be distributing the Arabic New Testament on CD. It’s usable on a computer, so that it doesn’t have the appearance of carrying around the printed Bible text.

Bishop says they’re working on a second version of the CD already, with both the text and the audio of the Bible. That would make it easier to put in other digital media devices, be reproduced, and utilize the technology that increasingly available.

Bishop says there’s great opportunities for this resource to use the technology, “Which would just make it more widely available to anyone in an Arabic-speaking country that wants to choose to listen to God’s Word. And you know, so many of them are curious right now, and it’s a perfect time to do that.”

With unrest throughout the Muslim world, Bishop says the situation is primed for God to work through His Word. “Only the love of God and only His redeeming message of redemption and restoration of man to God and forgiveness and peace, will be the thing that changes those hearts. And so, we’re excited for the opportunity to get God’s Word there, to actually change the hearts of Islamic and Arabic people.”

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