Opposition to the translation of the Gospel is cause for prayer.

By March 24, 2005

International (MNN)–Evangelist Sammy Tippit is getting ready to launch a ministry into a closed country.

It’s both an exciting venture, and one filled with hazards for work in this Muslim-dominated area. “Because of security reasons, I cannot mention the name of the country, the place, exactly, but, we’re reaching into some areas where they have never had the Gospel language groups. It’s been very closed and there’ve been no breakthroughs for the Gospel. We’ve been having some of our materials translated.”

Tippit says their work did not go unnoticed. Radical insurgents began to target their team and threaten them. Because of the death threats that were made, two of their translators quit.

There have been other obstacles, as well. Tippit explains that they refused to give up, however, “We’ve also had a computer stolen with all of our materials on it that we had almost completed.”

That called for a direct intervention. “We’re sending someone from our office here in San Antonio to that region of the world in a safe house where we will have translation,” he adds.

Tippit goes on to say that they don’t take the danger lightly. “We’re actually having to hire a personal body guard for the person who is doing the translation.” Pray that God would give the team endurance, courage and peace despite the circumstances.

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