Over a half-million Scriptures are placed in Monterrey, Mexico.

By May 17, 2004

Mexico (MNN)–The Bible League is celebrating the success of “Project Philip Monterrey”.

The model is based on the example in Acts 8, when Philip helped an Ethiopian understand the Scriptures he was reading.

A two-year Scripture placement project, it was designed to further develop the Bible League’s ministry in Monterrey, Mexico. The host city has five million residents which is an exciting prospect for churches in the area.

Original goals were to place a half million specially designed and easy-to-read Spanish New Testaments; final totals exceeded that goal by several thousand.

Church leaders say the discipleship process in Latin America takes about two years, so they expect continued results.

Through Project Philip, the Bible League partners with churches to place Scriptures with those who attend small-group Bible studies. That means, unlike traditional approaches, the Bible League does not randomly distribute Bibles.

In Monterrey, there were more than 151,000 Bible study groups between 2002 and 2004

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