Pakistan considers repealing blasphemy laws

By July 19, 2004

Pakistan (MNN) — Christians are optimistic about news that the Pakistani government may consider repealing blasphemy laws in the Islamic country. Reports indicate the government is moving in that direction because of pressure from the international community. The proposal was sent to the Cabinet for approval and was subsequently tabled in the national assembly.

While it appears the proposal is on hold for now, Christians around the world are thrilled. President of Open Doors, USA, Carl Moeller says, “We’re encouraged. It’s been a matter of prayer for our supporters and friends that these laws would be repealed. And, some of our people that have been charged as recently as June would be released. This is a good and encouraging sign.”

Moeller says the international pressure may be getting to the government. “I think the recognition by the Musharraf government that these laws place Pakistan into some rather unpleasant company has started to make some inroads. And, we’re hoping and believing that God will continue to move the hearts of the legislators in Pakistan in this direction,” says Moeller.

Because Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, Christians aren’t treated very well. “Christians are a sub-category,” says Moeller, “that don’t share in the general rights of the population of Pakistan who are Islamic. And so, from education to employment to just basic religious liberties Christian are harassed, sometimes arrested and even killed.”

There’s a deep spiritual hunger in Pakistan as much of the country’s worship is misguided. Moeller says in some places where there’s affliction, people are turning to Christ.

Moeller would like people that believers would be encouraged by this new turn of events. “(Pray that they’re) encouraged to stand more boldly for their faith, encouraged that the world hasn’t forgotten them, and encouraged, that they might have an impact in literally bringing their country of Pakistan to the Lord.”

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