Pakistan quashes protests, but not before the unrest hits a ministry.

By February 21, 2006

Pakistan (MNN)–Pakistan’s security forces are cracking down on volatile demonstrations over cartoons offensive to Muslims.

Street protests were banned in eastern Pakistan after riots killed five people in two cities last week. Security forces also arrested hundreds of Islamic hard-liners, and virtually sealed off the capital Sunday.

Over the past three weeks, the crowds gathering to protest have grown into a broader anger against the West in general, and Israel and the United States in particular.

Strategic World Impact’s Kevin Turner says the unrest disrupted the ministry of a partnering American family. “Where we have our school, there’s been some huge rioting. The mullahs in the town have been targeting, over the town, and through the loudspeakers and through various speeches, our workers on the ground talking about how we have a Christian school and we’re not teaching Islam. We’ve moved them out of the area for security.”

And while unsure of a direct connection between the riots and other incidents, one of SWI’s partners says , “We are also experiencing vandalism, destruction and thievery at our new school, Vision For The Future.”

So far, it appears a thief has climbed over the school’s (brick) wall and stolen the electric water pump. In addition, all of the exterior lights have been broken by rock throwing.

Turner explains prayer support is key for believers because it’s more than a safety issue. It’s a calling. “To work in this area, you’ve pretty much got to be committed to the possibility of laying your life down for the sake of the Gospel. We’ve just come back from the region. We’re actually working on some more teams to go, and by the grace of God we have individuals that are willing to do that.”

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