Pakistani believers overcome challenges to distribute Scriptures

By October 13, 2003

Pakistan (MNN)–Despite floods and disease, along with spiritual warfare and other difficulties, an indigenous Christian ministry in Pakistan continues to share the Gospel.

Christian Aid Mission reports that,in the last few months, staff members sold 209 Bibles, 178 New Testaments and 759 other Scripture portions. This happened even though one of the missionaries was sick with typhoid and another was admitted to a local hospital.

One of those who came to request Bibles was a young man from one of the poorest, most primitive areas in Pakistan. “I have never been to that area and never heard anyone reaching these people with the Word of God,” the mission leader said.

Scriptures were not available in his native language, so the young man picked up several Bibles as well as other Scripture portions and New Testaments in Urdu — a language common to Muslims.

The young man went away rejoicing that he was able to take God’s Word back to his people. He was especially happy that he could obtain more literature once he responsibly distributed what he took.

Ministry is growing with many young volunteers wanting to serve the Lord. They are dedicated in their ministry, but none of them have formal Bible education.

They need to be equipped with proper Biblical training to be able to be leaders for Christ in the next generation. Among the challenges, funding issues and the safety of distribution throughout Pakistan.

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