Pakistan’s blasphemy law to be re-examined.

By September 26, 2005

Pakistan (MNN)–Mission Network News has learned that human rights watchers and a recent fact finding delegation are calling for the repeal of Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy law.

There’s been a movement over the last 18 months aimed at softening the code, so says Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton.

The law’s harsh penalties often fall against Christians, and is often punitive, says Nettleton. “Now Christians there are saying, ‘Let’s get rid of this law, let’s re-write it to make it more fair.’ So it will be interesting if there’s any progress made in turning this law into a more fair law for the people of Pakistan.”

Nettleton says while Voice of the Martyrs is not directly involved with the push to change the law, however, “We are directly involved with Christians in Pakistan, those who are facing persecution.”

However, “We are trying to support them,” he says, adding that, “we’re involved in a way of strengthening the church, so that whatever happens in persecution, they’ll be ready to face whatever comes their way.”

Many Christians face intimidation and threats from those around them. Pray that Christians in Pakistan will have a bold testimony to impact others for Christ.

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