Pakistan’s disaster stalls a Scripture project.

By December 6, 2005

Pakistan (MNN)–Audio Scripture Ministries had plans to launch a project in Pakistan, but they were cut short by the devastating earthquake.

It remains on hold until the situation stabilizes. But that may not be anytime soon. Weather forecasters say trouble is headed toward the earthquake survivors. They warn that a blast of Himalayan winter is on the way .

The ASM Pakistani team member who was negotiating left the U-S and went home to see how bad things where. He later shared with ASM that many of his family members and friends did not survive the disaster.

Now, with the onset of winter, he’s asking people to pray as many of the basic survival needs are still unmet in some areas.

Aid workers have built 35,000 shelters and set up hundreds of thousands of tents, but only 15 percent have been winterized, leaving the rest basically exposed to the cold.

Food and medicine is still problematic in some areas. Until their physical needs have been met, the Gospel falls on deaf ears.

Through this hardship, ASM urges people to respond to the needs presented. They also ask that people pray God would use this situation for His glory.

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