Palestinians focus on Israel, Christian ministry falls under the radar

By June 28, 2006

Gaza (MNN) — As Hamas and Fatah appear to be changing its tone with regard to Israel, Christians are pessimistic. That issue is also being overshadowed by Israel massing tanks and troops near Gaza.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle travels to Israel regularly. Doyle says while the recognition part is good news, that may be the only good news. “I think in the long run basically they’re desperate because food’s not getting in and supplies and they’ve been isolated. I think they’re so desperate they’d be willing to say almost anything to not be overthrown by their people who are not eating.”

Doyle says it is good news of Christians, short term. “The terrorist groups right now are so focused on the struggle with Israel. That keeps the terrorist groups off the backs of believers and so quietly they’re just going about their work.”

Since sanctions have been placed on the Palestinians, the evangelical church is feeding those in need. Doyle says, “Even the Muslim led government have in a sense ‘tipped their hat’ to the Christian groups that are coming in. They’re well aware of who’s feeding the kids. They’re not the Muslim groups. Christian groups are putting prayer and resources and food and dollars behind what they believe.”

While poverty abounds in the Palestinian held areas, especially in refugee camps, Doyle says the Christian influence is seeing success. “People are coming the Christ in the refugee camps. It’s pretty clear with the people that live in those desperate situations that Islam is providing nothing for them, zero. And so, they are open and looking elsewhere.”

As more people turn to Christ, pastors are needed. $30 a month can help support a pastor, says Doyle. “We’ve found that the leaders there, if they have the resources and the equipment and most of all, the prayer backing, they do an incredible job.”

Over all, 48 new churches have been planted in strong Muslim areas of the Middle East. Click on the link below to get connect.

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