Pastor seeks justice from mob, gets arrested under anti-conversion law.

By September 4, 2006

India (MNN)–India’s anti-conversion laws are causing trouble for church leaders.

Six states in India have similar anti-conversion laws in place. It is well-known that Christians have been the target of intense attacks from Hindu extremists in the country. A common occurrence now is for these extremists to accuse Christians of converting people by “force” or “fraud.”

Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton says a week ago, a group of Hindu radicals in Bhilai burst into a pastor’s home, and demanded he renounce Christianity.

When he and his wife refused, the mob began beating them. “Eventually they left, after beating the pastor and his wife severely. Pastor Mohan then went to the police station to file a complaint. Instead of listening to his complaint, though, the police said that they were going to be forced to register a case against the pastor under the anti-conversion law of Chattisgarh state.”

The Chattisgarh law is a recent development. On August 4, the legislature of Chattisgarh passed the law that provides a three-year jail term and a 20,000 rupees fine for those found guilty of forced religious conversions.

Prayer is one tool these pastors have against the law. Provocative words, with a profound effect. “It has an intimidation factor against Christian workers, against pastors”, says Nettleton. “The exciting thing though, in spite of these attacks, is to see then, in spite of these attacks, going forward, and even in this attack, as this pastor and his wife are praising the Lord while they’re being beaten by these radical Hindus, what an amazing testimony.”

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