Pastors deal with heart issues at retreat

By October 18, 2004

USA (MNN) — Over years of ministry it’s very easy to see resentment, hurt, anger, and bitterness build up in the life of a pastor. Life Action Ministries offers a one week pastors’ retreat to help these leaders in the church deal with these problems.

Patrick Neff is the pastor of Porter Baptist Church in Michigan. “One of the topics that was addressed was ministering under the fear of man, rather than under the fear of God. And, just some tremendous things for those in ministry and just really healing of hurts has taken place.”

Life Action Ministries offers 10 and four day retreats. Neff says these types of retreats are vital to the health of the U-S church. “With the burnout rate, the short pastorates, men dropping out of ministry, I think this is essential. If I could says anything to every church in the country, I would say please send your pastor and his wife to the Life Action Lodge. Our wives are hurting sometimes worse than us.”

Neff also believes if these issues aren’t addressed, it could hurt the outreach of the local church. He says, “When a pastor or a pastor’s wife, when they allow anger, bitterness or resentment to build up in their life that chokes out the Holy Spirit. It limits His power in their life. As they are revived, as they get these things right, as they forgive, I think that unleashes the spirits power in a fresh way.”

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