Pastors gather together to unify and equip themselves for ministry in Mexico.

By May 11, 2006

Mexico (MNN) — Mission Network News’ Ruth Bliss is in Guaymas, Mexico this week finding out how Christian Resources International is helping the local church.

Bliss says, “We spent Tuesday night with a group of pastors and seminary students in the parking lot of the Kairos Bible School. The students graduate later this week, but tonight, it was about helping the under-resourced church leadership.”

According to Bliss, Independent missionaries Jesse and Jenny Navarro didn’t have enough resources to fund all the seminary students so, “They turned to Christian Resources International for help.”

CRI’s John Lowrey told Bliss that the needs were startling. There were some pastors operating churches without enough Bibles to outfit their church.

Lowrey says, “We found out that there are folks operating without any kind of resource books or study books. So they gave us a pretty wide scope of anything that we could bring, being really valuable. But we really tried to focus on those books that would specifically help pastors in preparing messages and learning doctrine.”

Bliss will sit in on an English class being taught by the Navarros tomorrow.”

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