Pastors gearing up for global evangelism in Ukraine

By June 2, 2004

Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine is quickly becoming the “Bible Belt” of countries previously linked to the Soviet Union. Doctor David Shibley with Global Advance says, “Interestingly, Ukraine now supplies about 80-percent of the pastors in all of the former republics in the old Soviet Union. So, what happens with pastor in Ukraine has very important ramifications not only for that nation, but for a great stretch of the geography of the world.”

With that in mind, Global Advance held “Frontline Shepherds Conferences” in the Ukraine recently. Shibley says, “We were privileged to see over 2, 200 pastors and church leaders attend three Frontline Shepherds Conferences in three different cities in Ukraine. The response was just overwhelming. These men have a new commitment to church planting.”

Shibley believes the Holy Spirit is working in this part of the world. “That part of the world is very open to the Gospel,” says Shibley, “What is new is a great evangelistic and missions vision that is now coming into the churches of Ukraine. I believe that the Ukrainian church may well lead the way in northern Europe, at least, of seeing a real vision for fulfilling the Great Commission and how they can play a major role.”

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