Pastors in isolated South American villages get needed training

By August 2, 2004

Colombia (MNN) — Reaching the unreachable in South America was the focus of a pastor’s conference held recently in Leticia, Colombia. Global Advance saw more than 1,200 pastors from the most remote places of South America gather for training. For some, it’s the first time they’ve had training of any kind.

David Shibley is with Global Advance says they’re helping these pastors catch the vision for evangelism because the need is great. “There are still some very primitive unreached peoples along the Amazon and back into the rain forests. And they’re some of the most resistant people to any kind of influence whether it be from missionaries or others. And, (they) even have government protection to protect their way of life,” says Shibley.

But, many of the churches are catching the vision for outreach despite the cost. “The realize, some of them could indeed be signing their own death warrants because there is a enormous resistance by those tribal groups themselves from any kind of outside intervention,” he says.

Shibley says these pastors may be the only hope of reaching these primitive people. He’s asking people to pray that these pastors as many struggle to provide for their families. That can discourage pastors from doing the work. Shibley’s also praying that God would light a fire in the hearts of more pastors to take the Gospel to even more villages.

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