Peace accord means evangelistic work proceeds

By August 15, 2003

(Congo–Kinshasa)–We begin today in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where there’s a lull in the fierce fighting. The newest cease fire may be reinforced by peacekeepers. That’s due, in part, because of a long history of failed peace agreements. As the people dare to hope, Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton explains what is different about this accord that seems to be holding. “They’ve taken leaders from every sort of opposition group and incorporated them into the Central Government. So, if I’m a minister of information, and my soldiers, or my fathers are causing trouble, then I become the one in the government who’s responsible for that.” Unifying this country will be a huge task which could take many generations. Vinton says because of the success of this accord so far, they look forward to unhindered evangelistic work throughout parts of the DRC. “Our pastor called me and he feels that things are opening up. He says people who have a lot of courage can travel. There’s still these militia, these bandits out there, that to me is the only hindrance to peace.”

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