Peace offering in the Middle East viewed with caution.

By June 28, 2006

Middle East (MNN)–The Middle East tops our news today. The Palestinian militant group Hamas is recognizing Israel in a two-state solution to the conflict.

“This is a volatile situation that we can’t really speak definitively about which direction it will go”, so says Open Doors USA’s Carl Moeller.

The deal comes amid heightened tension with Israel following the capture of an Israeli soldier by militants on Sunday.

Moeller describes the situation as a double bind for the Middle East and peace. “I do believe that Hamas making the steps to recognize Israel, despite its additional call for the destruction of Israel, at least, is progress.”

In spite of the uncertainty surrounding the church, Moeller says believers there are in need of support. They haven’t given up their vision for sharing the hope of Christ, or for peace.

With the violence is escalating, and there are concerns for the church’s future. “We are in contact with the church in Gaza. This is a time when they’ve asked for our prayers, specifically, that they would be able to continue as a witness. The forces of polarization within Gaza itself are increasing and there is far less room for Christians to work and to operate.”

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