Pending legislation could help ministry in the U-S.

By October 27, 2003

USA (MNN) — Christian organizations in the United States are encouraging believers to pray for legislation pending in Washington. Lawmakers in the United States are considering legislation that will renew it’s commitment to religious liberty. Bills on preserving religious liberties (HR3190, S1558), and the Ten Commandments (HR2045) have been introduced in the house and senate.

American Missionary Fellowship is supporting these measures. AMF’s Ed Henderson there’s definitely a need for this. “I hate to say it this way, but our religious freedom in America is eroding through the judicial system and just to safeguard our ability to freely share with people the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake.” Henderson says, “support of these bills will secure the religious freedom that our founding fathers intended for us to have.”

Henderson says AMF is getting ready to start learning communities, an effort to establish Bible studies in key areas of the country. This effort is just getting started, “we’ve got our template in place and we’re starting to recruit missionaries.” He says they’re looking for missionaries to commit to a five year term.

Henderson says these ‘Learning Communities’ are important. He says, “Bible study. That’s what people need. Everybody needs Bible study. That’s what changes lives.”
Passage of this legislation could protect holding Bibles studies in public places. Pray that the bill make it out of committee before the holiday recess.

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