People in Muslim world reading/hearing Bible on-line

By July 16, 2004

International (MNN) — At a time where Christianity is viewed as a western religion, closely associated with the west. Despite that, International Bible Society’s Dwight Anderson says people in the Muslim world are reading and listening to God’s word on-line.

Anderson heads up the organization’s web site. Anderson says IBS is offering several different formats of Scripture in Arabic. “Microsoft Word, PDF and also HTML. We make it very easy for people to download it and redistribute it. Nearly four months ago we placed more than 20 hours of Arabic audio resources on-line.” Those are available to download to MP3 players or listen on demand with Real Media Player.

This is having a huge impact. Anderson says, “People hear the Word, not only read it, but also hear it in their own language in their own dialect, I think it has more of an impact.” He adds, “(It allows) somebody to take a CD with an MP3 files on it and play it to a number of friends who don’t have the technical capability or literacy.” The end goal is to see these people turn to Christ.

Anderson is excited about who’s going to their web site. “says they’re seeing people from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran Jordan, Syria. (We understand) that we’re reaching a very key international audience with the Arabic Scripture.”

Funding is needed to keep this program running. You can see and hear the Arabic at or

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