Persecution and harassment face believers in Southern Mexico.

By June 7, 2006

Mexico (MNN)–The ruins of Mitla are considered by many to be one of Mexico’s most enigmatic sacred places.

Haunted by the Zapotec civilization, there is much that remains the same, centuries later. Located in an isolated part of the south, much of the region clings to old ways.

Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhofer says because many of the villagers find evangelical Christianity to be a social threat, ministry may be facing more challenges.

Dudenhofer says they’ve been hearing about attacks on believers because many won’t participate in local fiestas, which feature drunkenness.

As the local church challenges this old way of life, the reaction, on occassion, has been hostile. “A national pastor in this area said that he’s been in a meeting with area pastors and since he had that meeting, he’s been receiving anonymous death threats. This is something that is taken very seriously in these remote Indian villages.”

The violence and threats seem to go in cycles. Because believers are taking a stand against participating in local festivities, explains Dudenhofer, they’re being targeted.

Please pray. “The people that decide that they don’t want to tolerate Christianity have been known to kill people who profess their faith in Christ, and if they can’t kill them, they’ll try to run them out of town.”

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