Persecution persists; prayer is a priority

By February 17, 2009

India (MNN) — Persecution in India by Hindu extremists may have died down, but it has certainly not ceased. Believers cannot stop praying, either.

According to a report by World Evangelical Alliance, a Christian living in the state of Karnataka was recently the victim of a direct attack as his house was burned to the ground.

For three months, extremists unrightfully threatened the believer to relinquish his home to their control. They desired his property as a choice spot to build a Hindu Rama Temple and verbally abused the man. He would not give in, explaining that the property belonged to his son by law and would not be changing hands.

After several attempts to sway the believer, extremists came to the man's house with a final demand for the land, and he refused again. Two days later, extremists returned, armed, drenched the house in petrol and set fire to it. The house was burned completely.

Police complaints were filed by local Christian leaders but went unregistered and ignored.

It may be preferable to believe that persecution in India has ceased since the attacks in Orissa have mostly ended, but hostility is clearly still high. Since attacks have not been so frequent, it is easy to forget, to push thoughts of India from our minds. But our brothers and sisters still need prayer.

Pray for the thousands of believers who expect persecution on a daily basis in India. Pray for their safety and their spiritual well being, for their ministries and their strength. Praise God that attacks have subsided, but do not forget our fellow believers who continue to face immeasurable hardship for the sake of Jesus Christ.


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