Phenomenal response comes to a new Christian radio station in Haiti.

By August 5, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–In its first week of broadcasting, response to the Gospel message of Radio 4VBM in Haiti is nothing less than phenomenal.

Dick McLeish, with Men For Missions, the laymen’s voice of OMS International says they just expanded the station’s signal. “4VBM is a station that went online. It’s in the Jeremie area which is down in the southwest portion of Haiti. It actually is one of our downlink stations. It’s the third downlink station that we’ve had go in. So, Radio 4VEH is being broadcast through that radio station.”

One of the missionaries involved in the installation says, “Coming across the mountains coming home it was wonderful to be listening to 4VBM/4VEH praising the name of Jesus in areas that prior to this past week, no radio signal could be picked up.”

McLeish says aside from plans for several more stations, they’re anticipating the future of ministry. He says they’re looking for volunteers. “We’re looking forward to sending teams in now to distribute the handheld solar powered radios, so that people who don’t have a regular radio will be able to pick up the signal also. We have some teams set up for later on in the fall, and then more in the first part of the year.”

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