Plans form for a cultural missions trip into Central Asia.

By November 9, 2005

Kazakhstan (MNN)–Kazakhstan and Jordan have signed a financial cooperative which will extend to a cultural agreement.

The documents were signed as a result of talks between Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and King Abdullah II of Jordan who arrived in Kazakhstan this week.

Tim Burns is with Global Aid Network, or GAiN USA. He says their new project will also fit in culturally.

Despite the new religious restrictions, they are planning a new trip there this winter. He expects that, because of their approach, the country will welcome them.
“Kazakhstan has traditionally been a little bit more open, and again, we’re guests. Because we bring in the Gospel with humanitarian aid, that changes the dynamic a little bit.”

Burns says because they’re coming in with the local church, their message is more acceptable. “We’re going in with container loads of food, seeds and blankets. Because the government wants to help their people, and the area wants to see economy improved and orphans get helped and prisoners get help, they’re able to receive that.”

This is a time when the actions of the team will pave the way for the words. A social Gospel? Burns says, just as people are hungry for food, they are also hungry for the truth of Jesus Christ. “Then, of course, we’re able to not only share the love of Christ with them, verbally, but we’re able to show the love of Christ.”

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