Plans to satisfy hunger for Gospel in India

By February 15, 2016

India (MNN) — Mission trips and mission work in India have been done for hundreds of years. But there are still about 600,000 villages unreached by the Gospel.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press's Project India)

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press’s Project India)

According to The Indian Express, several commentators have said the Christian population has been constant for years at a rate of 2.3%, or about 27.8 million people in the nation.

The rate may seem like a small fish in a big ocean, but Dean Crowder with World Missionary Press (WMP) says, “There’s a huge opportunity.”

Millions of people in India who once worshipped Hindu gods and deities have converted to Christianity. Tens of thousands of these same people are in training to become certified pastors, evangelists, and missionaries.

They each have an agreement to visit five unreached villages and plant five churches.

“With some groups having 15,000, 20,000, 30,000 people in training now agreeing to 3 to 4 to 5 church-planting opportunities, the numbers are absolutely staggering; and I think what God’s doing at this time is really opening the door for India.”

Exciting opportunities of outreach missions are coming up, and WMP knows these future leaders will desperately need tools to evangelize. That’s where Scripture booklets and WMP’s new project falls into place.

WMP recently started Project India, which has a goal of raising $3 million in order to print 100 million Scripture booklets (averaging about three cents per booklet).

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press's Project India)

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press’s Project India)

100 million may seem like a lot, but WMP’s ministry affiliates are continuously begging for more booklets. “Believe it or not, 100 million could be used in a very, very short period of time.”

Last year, before Project India was in the works, Crowder traveled to India and was blown away by the desperate need for the Gospel–and Scripture booklets in particular.

“I was so impacted by the need and the cries to have more of our booklets that I said I’ve got to do something here.”

Crowder explains that Scripture booklets tend to have more of an impact on people than the Bible because they are strategically arranged with Scriptures. This way people can use them for sermons on the go or to answer specific questions.

Since Crowder saw the need, WMP kicked off the exciting new project.

“We’re beginning to do a soft introduction. We’re going to work through the churches, work through the electronic media, our connections, and try to broaden that.”

The door to unreached villages in India is opening,and WMP hopes you’ll go through it with them. Donate to Project India and know you are impacting lives for Christ for all eternity.

“This is our moment, and we need to seize that moment for Project India.”


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