Police join ranks with a Christian AIDS force.

By January 5, 2006

Zambia (MNN)–International statistics show that approximately ten percent of Zambia’s 11 million population are infected with HIV.

The country is a place that desperately needs clear, direct, and honest AIDS teachings. However, this clear, direct teaching is very difficult to ask of a national simply because talking about it breaks a taboo.

Christian World Outreach says that’s why their HIV/AIDS seminars in Zambia are meeting with enthusiastic response.

CWO’s Greg Yoder says the seminars are being taught throughout the different cities in the Copper Belt at the request of area officials. “They are developing leaders within the police force. The police force is the second most infected group of people in Zambia next to the army. So, we’re hitting a group of people that really needs to hear about what AIDS is and hear the Gospel, as well.”

Yoder adds their ministry is coming up against one big obstacle. “Fuel costs have just skyrocketed, so that hinders some of the follow-up to go and be with some of the leaders and answer their questions. Last we heard, the price of fuel was up to eight-dollars a gallon. Not having budgeted for that, it hinders some of the travel.”

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