Political unrest in Haiti put short term missions on hold

By March 15, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — Young people are hearing the Gospel in Haiti despite the political unrest that saw a change in leadership. However, the unrest that has plagued that beleaguered nation has caused problems for many ministries.

Young Life is an organization that reaches out to young people who wouldn’t typically set foot in a church. Young Life’s Chad Edwards says Haiti is one of their newer works, starting in 1999. “It really has just exploded with, now, two full-time staff people and two administrative people that are overseeing 11 clubs and 60 volunteers leaders,” says Edwards.

While clubs are doing well, they’ve faced some challenges as they’re dependent on outside support. “We had planned a short term trip to Haiti to build our first Young Life Club room. That trip had to be canceled because of the political unrest. But, our leaders report that the Young Life work is continuing even in the midst of political turmoil.”

According to Edwards, this type of unrest and uncertainty lends can’t help, but force people to think about their eternal future. “When you’re in situations that have such instability, people are looking for a constant,” says Edwards. He adds, “when we have people that walk along side these teenagers and talk about a God who’s never changing, and try to introduce them to a relationship with a personal God, especially during a time of political unrest, there seems to be an incredible openness.”

Pray for Young Life’s work in Haiti. Pray that the situation will calm down enough so short-term mission teams can return to the country.

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