Poverty battled with business

By August 16, 2011

Haiti (MNN) — The launch of a new entrepreneurship program in Haiti could mean more businesses and ultimately more jobs in a suffering economy.

Christian Entrepreneurs in Action was just launched last month in Cap-Haitien of northern Haiti. This program is grooming businessmen of Haiti to better the lives of Haitians in Christ's name.

The new program is partnering with HCJB Global, Partner's Worldwide, and eight other Christian Haitian businessmen. Together, since the launch of Christian Entrepreneurs in Action, they hope to provide jobs for many people.

This isn't the first time Christians have endeavored to train other Christian businessmen in Haiti. Partner's Worldwide has worked in Haiti by holding business training conferences.

A previous Partner's Worldwide conference took place in 2009 and was attended by 300 Haitian businessmen. Attendees were able to take place in networking and workshops. All the while, they learned how to approach business and entrepreneurship with a Christian mindset.

As evidenced by the positive reception of such entrepreneurial programs, more jobs and businessmen are in high demand for Haiti. Unemployment may still be as high as 70%, according to several estimates. Additionally, 80% of the population is below the poverty line.

To fight this depressing trend of extreme poverty, Christian Entrepreneurs in Action is currently working to recruit Christian business professionals. These business professionals would mentor and train entrepreneurs, and open doors for capital to start coming in for the program.

Bringing stimulation to Haiti's economy isn't the end goal. HCJB Global's mission statement for branches in Latin America state that they hope to "communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through education and discipleship."

Education in excellent business endeavors will do just that. When Christians can step up in the market of business for Haiti and start to employ needy members of the community, hopefully people will see their light in Christ set on the hill of business.

When others see Christians rising to high standards, it inspires higher standards in communities and makes people curious about the God who would instigate such passion in His followers.

Please pray for this newly launched program to recruit enough business mentors to train others to conduct successful, God-honoring businesses. Pray also that through business endeavors and life-action ministry, more Haitians would come to know the Christ who gives them the eternal riches of His kingdom.

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