Prayer giving hope to Haiti

By June 7, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — “We sensed more hope than we have ever sensed with the Haitian people.” Those were the words from American Evangelist Sammy Tippit, who recently returned from Haiti. Tippit has long been involved in evangelism and discipleship in Haiti.

Tippit says there’s a reason for the renewed sense of hope. He says, “There’s a prayer movement that has immerged in the nation since the ouster of the former President Aristide and they have actually been, every Thursday morning, having a prayer meeting in the national palace. This is what’s really offering hope. The people feel like for the first time they can see some kind of future.”

Because of that hope, Tippit believes the country may be primed for evangelism. Tippit didn’t go to hold evangelistic meetings, but they did hold one event during the recent rains. “It rained all over the city of Port au Prince except for the place where we were holding our rally. People responded and gave their hearts to Christ, I prayed with them and as soon as we had the counselors take them off to a place, at that exact moment the rains came and they really came,” says Tippit.

Tippit is encouraging people to pray. “We need to pray for this prayer movement that it would grow now. And, then I think we need to pray that God would just move and work and that it would result in a great harvest and a great revival.”

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