Prison Fellowship and Purpose Driven partner in prison/family ministry

By April 26, 2005

USA (MNN/PDM) — A new partnership between Prison Fellowship and Purpose Driven Ministries will give hope to prisoners and their children.

The partnership will introduce Purpose Driven Ministries’ “Celebrate Recovery” addiction recovery program in prisons throughout the United States. It will also encourage 20,000 purpose-driven churches to participate in Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree Program, the only year-round effort in the U-S to reach out exclusively to the children of prisoners.

“Two-thirds of the U-S prison population has a substance-abuse problem,” says Prison Fellowship’s President Mark Earley. “By making the ‘Celebrate Recovery’ program available in more prisons, we will be able to offer prisoners a chance at a drug-free life when they return home.”

Many are praying that the partnership will change hearts and lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Those involved in the partnership are also praying that this program will expand Angel Tree’s ministry through more Christmas gifts, summer camps, and motoring opportunities to the more than 2-million children who have one or both parents in prison.

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