Prison ministry gets vital tool from a Bible translation outreach.

By July 22, 2005

International (MNN)–The World Bible Translation Center says they’re celebrating ministry with prison outreaches.

The following is an exerpt from a prison chaplain in Texas. He says, “I wanted to watch the men as they worshiped with the new Bibles. . . . these men for the most part have minimal education and the ease with which they were able to participate in service because of the ‘user friendly’ version made their worship all the more meaningful.

As I told you before, while working in street and parole ministry in Fort Worth, I found the English Easy-to-Read version invaluable in reaching people. I was certain this would be the case for the Spanish version as well.

Our demographics here at this facility are better than 90% Hispanic and the opportunity to have these Bibles for the men is very beneficial. I cannot thank World Bible Translation Center enough for their support.”

Prison chaplains and leaders of these ministries have found that the reading level of the majority of prison inmates is lower than the average reader. That means traditional translations are too difficult to understand.

But that changes with Center’s Easy-to-Read Version in English or Spanish. Because they are able to understand the text better, God’s Word can reach their ears and hearts.

The Center gets requests on a daily basis, coming from prisons in diverse areas such as Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Colombia, and even Cuba.

Pray for more opportunities to get Bibles into the hands of prisoners.

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