Progress made in the expansion of a Costa Rican ministry.

By July 20, 2004

Costa Rica (MNN)–The monsoon season is in full swing in Central America–corresponding perfectly with the summer tourism season in the United States.

Many families are taking their summer vacation time but investing it the international church. Such was the case for three churches in the U-S.

Teams from Grace Community Church in Belmont, MI; Eastport Bible Church of Long Island, NY; and Grace Bible Church in West Allis, WI just wrapped up a work season in Costa Rica this month.

As a result of their work, Grace Ministries International says there’s a lot of progress on the worksite of their new church building.

With a Bible Institute, Christian high school, two churches, and home Bible study ministries already in place, there’s been a need for space to accommodate the growth.

Pray that construction stays on schedule during the rainy season.

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