Purpose Driven to hold a children’s ministry conference

By March 20, 2006

USA (MNN) — Helping children in your church come to Christ, share Christ and grow in Christ will be the focus of a conference in April in the United States.

Purpose Driven Ministries is holding their Children’s Ministry conference April 26-28 in Lake Forest, California. The goal of the conference is to prepare with purpose a children’s ministry with goals. They’ll also be sharing 10 qualities of a healthy children’s ministry and talking about programs that have gone bad.

The conference will also offer principles that are biblical, transferable, and transcend church size denomination, or cultural differences. Organizers hope that youth leaders will apply what they learn to help kids in their churches to share Christ with others in the community, team up with other Christians, advance in their spiritual maturity, recognize their spiritual gifts and surrender their lives to God.

Some of the topics include; ways of building a dynamic nursery ministry, curriculum, moving kids toward spiritual maturity, how to involve kids in ministry and missions and more.

Speakers include Gary Smalley, Kevin Leman and the Director of Children’s Ministry Programs for Saddleback Church, Steve Pennington. Go to http://www.purposedriven.com/children for details.

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