Quake rattles Kashmir region; Christians rush emergency help.

By October 11, 2005

India (MNN)–The death toll of the massive quake that shook the Kashmir region between Pakistan and India may top 30,000 people.

Relief is pouring into the area. A spokesman for Pakistan president, Pervez Musharraf calls the quake ‘The biggest natural disaster in Pakistani history.”

The United Nations said more than two and a half million people were left homeless by the magnitude 7.6 quake Saturday, and doctors warned of an outbreak of disease unless more relief arrived soon.

International Aid’s Myles Fish says they’ve already sent emergency kits, and now are planning their response through the Christian hospitals in the area. “We have not been able to reach them yet, but we believe that we will be able to work through not only those hospitals, but the groups of Christians that are there.”

At this point, it’s too early to know what kind of long-term plans will be made to get the region back on its feet. “We’ll know more when we get on the ground and when we can make firsthand observations,” Fish says. “But, we anticipate that we will have the opportunity to work through the church and to be a very openly Christ-centered witness as we provide this relief support.”

I-A’s teams are taking on a spiritual battle too. “We always value people being engaged with the Lord in prayer about our efforts, and particularly for the people that have been affected.”

In a region where sharing the Christian faith could be considered challenging, at best, Fish adds, “Pray for our witness that it will be clear, that it will be strong that it will be bold and understood. We also pray that people will be engaged with us financially.”

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