Radio license to be issued this week to TWR in Benin, West Africa

By February 13, 2006

Benin (MNN) — The birth of a new radio station is almost a reality. Trans World Radio believes the granting of a frequency is just days away. The antenna is up, the building it ready, all they need is a license and a transmitter and millions will be able to hear the Gospel in Benin, West Africa.

TWR’s Steven Boakye-yiedom says a relationship with Benin President Mathieu Kerekou helped. “Kerekou is a born again Christian who loves the Lord. We told him the story of Trans World Radio and he got very excited and so he gave us an invitation to come there.”

According to Boakye-yiedom, TWR could have an incredible kingdom impact in Benin. “If the station is complete we will be able to reach almost 112-million Muslims in that part of West Africa.”

While many are poor and illiterate in Benin, Boakye-yiedom says, radio will be an effective evangelistic tool. “Radio is a friend to an African. Radio is affordable and every where you go, even in the village, people are really able to afford radio. And so, it’s an instrument which actually is very useful to our Africans.” And, that makes it a great evangelism tool.

Boakye-yiedom says he just received some good news. “We’ve already got a letter from the Issuing Authority in Benin, saying that once Trans World Radio pays their broadcasting fee, the license will be issued today. And so, we are trying to work it out.”

They hope to transfer the $28,000 to Benin this week to get the license. If that happens they expect to be on the air as early as August, but no later than September.

Once it’s on the air, funding will be needed to help sustain the ministry. 60-percent of the population is illiterate and are audio learners.

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