Radio may be key in Great Commission completion

By November 18, 2005

International (MNN) — It’s uncertain whether it’s because of illiteracy or cultural conditioning, but two-thirds of the world’s people prefer oral over written communication. That’s what Back to the Bible International is reporting. That means radio is the perfect way to convey the Bible’s message to four billion people.

That’s why your support is needed for Back to the Bible’s broadcasts. They’re beaming programs into places like China and the Middle East to reach large numbers of oral learners. In addition, over the last few months Back to the Bible has helped in the construction of stations in Africa and Indonesia that will carry God’s Word to those who can’t read it.

Pray for Back to the Bible as they’re producing 60 unique radio programs around the world. While the dominant medium has been radio, Back to the Bible is growing to include printed media, audio, video, television and the Internet. They currently sponsor programs in 23 languages spoken by 56-percent of the world’s population.

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