Radio ministry evacuates headquarters over toxic cloud.

By October 9, 2006

USA (MNN)–Roughly 17-thousand Americans fled their homes on the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina on Friday. A burning hazardous waste plant sent a chlorine cloud and other dangerous fumes throughout the region.

The plant, EQ Industrial Services, handles a wide array of industrial waste, from paints to solvents, and houses chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, sulfur and fertilizer.

Apex and Wake County have both declared a state of emergency. In doing so, officials have started the process of asking for government assistance.

Trans World Radio spokesman, David McCreary says because of the environmental risks, their international headquarters in Cary, North Carolina evacuated. “The office was closed. Basically, the roads surrounding the office have been closed off, so there was no access to the office today at all. None of the staff was able to even report.”

Other news sources report that Washington has is keeping tabs on the fire. They’ve also sent three Environmental Protection Agency officials, eight E-P-A contractors and two toxic specialists to the scene, along with air-monitoring and emergency response equipment.

Residual pollution remains a risk after the fire is put out, but McCreary says the staff hopes to be able to get into their offices in the next day or so.

As for their international listeners, “In terms of ministry, our worldwide network of broadcast is still going strong, so the Word is getting out around the world. Some of our things like finance and our support roles are going to be delayed a little bit, but otherwise, the ministry is still going on strong.”

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