Raising the call for Christians to love our Muslim neighbors.

By October 9, 2006

Australia (MNN) — Two pastors in Australia are still awaiting the decision from the court of appeals. Under Victoria’s religious hatred law, Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah were convicted of vilifying Muslims in a 2002 seminar about Islam.

They were ordered to apologize for their statements by taking out advertisements and to stop “vilifying” Muslims. Both men lecture regularly about Islam and have stated they would not follow the orders handed down in the conviction. They appealed their case, citing numerous errors. They wait to find out if jail time lies ahead.

MNN had the opportunity to interview Pastor Daniel Scot at a recent U-S conference. Regarding the vilification case against him, Scot says, “In Australia, I may be put in jail. But I am happy to go to jail because it’s not a new thing for Christians to be sent to jail, and for the sake of Christ if I’m put in jail for telling the truth about what is in the Qur’an and Hadith and how Mohammad used to live. That’s something which I’m not ashamed of. And I will keep doing it. And if I’m put in prison, then that’s fine. I’m happy for that. So I’m not scared of that. I thank God that He has given me courage by His grace.”

For Scot, telling the truth about Islam and encouraging Christians to love Muslims is his main ministry, which he’s going to keep on doing. “We Christians have a responsibility to reach out to Muslim people. And that has to be done in love. And we have to speak the truth in love.”

Being a Christian is not a part-time thing, says Scot, but something that impacts our entire lives. “We have to be Christians wherever we are. And we have to be a witness for Jesus, because we are ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that we as Christians should make it very clear that we are Christians, and the reason I’m different is because of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when you follow the Lord Jesus Christ, He transforms our life, and that transformation needs to be noticeable in our family lives and at our workplace and wherever we are. All Christians are ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that message will come through wherever He takes us.”

And Scot says that more Christians need to answer the call to be part of God’s work among Muslims. “We have very few people who are working among Muslims, so we need to pray that God will raise more people who will have a heart to reach out to Muslim people and really love and care for them. That’s very important.”

Financial support is something that is lacking for those Christians who are ministering among Muslims. Scot challenges churches to stand beside believers in this way. “So this is one area that we need to pray that God would give burden to churches that they will look after those who are working among Muslims here in America and in other Western nations, that local churches will feel the burden and not just go for other programs only.”

Continue to pray for both pastors Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah, and their families, as they wait for the judges’ decision.

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